What to eat before and after you lose weight

Health experts have warned that people should be eating nuts as part of a balanced diet as they can be a major source of protein, iron and vitamin D. A report by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) said the “nutritional value of nuts is significant”.It said the nuts contained high levels of vitamins and […] →Read more

Why do people in the U.S. eat the wrong food?

By Jessica CappuccioDecember 27, 2018 3:30PMFood is a big part of American life, but its origins and the foods that make it up can vary widely.What is the proper amount of sodium in the average American diet?How do Americans manage their cholesterol levels?And what about gluten and dairy?To answer these questions, a team of scientists […] →Read more

FourFourtwo: What are the nutrients and minerals in cucumber?

ezekial bread nutrition facts: The amount of fiber in a cucumber depends on how much water is used.This is called the fiber content of the cucumber.Most people find it is between 0.5 and 1.0 grams per 100 milliliters (mL).The other nutrients in cucumbers are: fiber, phytochemicals, minerals, vitamin A and B12.The nutritional content of cucumbers […] →Read more

Which Starbucks Nutritional Information is Right for Me?

Starbucks’ nutritional information is a bit tricky.While some of the details on the menu are easy to digest, the nutrition facts on their website are less so.And while some of that information is very useful, others aren’t so.So we reached out to Starbucks’ nutrition experts to get some advice on which Starbucks food information is […] →Read more

How to eat a smoothie in a fast food restaurant

What do you do if you want a burger but you’re not eating the full meal?You have to order it from a restaurant.That’s what the Outback Nutrition smoothie king is offering in the fast food chain’s newest menu item.The $6.99 smoothie has no salt and no sugar, according to Outback, which says it has been […] →Read more

Tropical Smoothie Nutrition Calculator – Potatoes, Prawns and Avocados

Potatoes and Prawn are the perfect nutrient for tropical smoothies, as they contain protein, fiber and minerals.There are two types of prawns in the Tropics, a fresh type and a dried type.Fresh prawn are very popular in tropical smoothie recipes, and it’s easy to make them.Fresh fruit is also a good source of vitamins A, […] →Read more

Kiwi nutrition facts: Carrots, bananas and other fruits and vegetables

Kiwi Nutrition Facts is a nutrition website for those who like to keep track of the nutrition facts of food.The website also provides an excellent resource for those looking for information about nutrition.The Kiwi website also contains the Nutrition Facts database, which provides nutritional information for the food that you eat and how it is […] →Read more

How to make Jamaican-style rice, sweet potatoes and kiwi in minutes

JICA (AFP) – For most of us, making Jamaican rice, the sweet potatoes, the kiwis and the cassava isn’t a challenge.But for the people of the Pacific island nation of Tonga, it’s a bit more complicated.“There’s a lot of different types of rice in Tonga.I think the ones we’re using in the Caribbean are really […] →Read more

How to cook your own homemade pumpkin spice soup

You might not want to think of pumpkin spice as something that’s easy to make, but in the last few years it’s become a staple in American cuisine.In addition to its delicious aroma and flavor, pumpkin spice has become a popular addition to many home-cooked dishes.In this recipe, I’m using it to make my own […] →Read more

Why is it so difficult to find healthy foods?

Tomato nutrition is crucial for the health of the entire fruit, but its not always as simple as you might think.Here are some key facts about tomato nutrition.What is tomato nutrition?Tomato nutrition refers to the amount of sugars in the fruit.There are three types of sugars: the simple sugars, the fructose, and the lactose.The simple […] →Read more