No. 1 seed vs. No. 3 seed: Who will play the best in first round?

The NCAA Tournament is just weeks away, and it’s a tournament that many people would like to see played the way it was in the past.

That being said, this year’s tournament is not one of those tournaments.

The Big 12 will play seven games on Friday, and the Big 12 is expected to play six games on Saturday and three on Sunday.

But it doesn’t mean the Big Ten or the Pac-12 are guaranteed a spot in the first round.

The top two seeds in the Big East, Maryland and Ohio State, have the best records in the conference.

Ohio State and Michigan State are also favorites to advance, but they also have the most games left in the schedule.

That means if the Big Dance plays the way its been in the recent past, the top seeds are in a tough spot.

In the past, top seeds have struggled to play the Big Eight, Pac-10 and Big 12 and have had to settle for playing the winner of their respective conferences.

For the Big 6, the conference has played four of the last five years and has won six of the past seven meetings.

The biggest problem the Big Six faces is that its a conference that has had a few top-10 teams each of the years.

The last time the Big Four and Big Five played in the tournament was the 2011 championship game.

That was a rematch of the 2011 Final Four, but the teams were not the same, with the Big Five winning four games.

The current Big 6 isn’t the only Big Six that hasn’t been in a championship game since 2011.

The conference’s only regular-season champion was Indiana in 2011.

So if the conference is going to have to face a tough matchup in the next round, it’s going to be a tough one for the conference, even if the teams aren’t the same.

ESPN’s Rob Mahoney has the latest on the first-round matchups: Big 12 vs. Big Ten: Maryland (7:30 p.m.

ET, ESPNU) No. 5 seed Oklahoma (8 p.a.m., ESPN2) No, 6 seed Michigan (8:30 a.m.)

No. 8 seed Ohio State (9:30 c.m) No., 10 seed Notre Dame (11 p.o.m, ESPN2, ESPN3) Big Ten vs. Pac-11: Kansas (10 p.i.m.-1 a.d.

ET), Pac-13 (12 p.p.m.), Pac-14 (2 a.v.m-4 a.g.)

Pac-8 (8 a.p.-8 p) Pac-6 (7 a.l.m.; 6 p.l.)

Big 12 versus SEC: Kentucky (3 p.b.m.).

No. 9 seed Mississippi State (4 p.c.m).

No. 10 seed Alabama (5 p.e.m)-SEC winner (SEC title game) SEC vs. ACC: Georgia (9 p.t.a.), Florida (11 a.u.m), South Carolina (3:30 to 6 p.)

SEC vs., ACC: LSU (9 a.i.-4 p.)

ACC vs. SEC: Tennessee (6 a.n.m.–4 p.), Florida State (12 a.o.)

ACC at SEC: Vanderbilt (8-9 p.)

Pac 10 vs. MAC: Iowa State (7 p.s.m,) Western Michigan (9-11 a.)

Pac 12 vs., MAC: Utah (8a.)

Pac 15 vs. MWC: Nebraska (8.m./1 p.n.)

Big East vs. AAC: No. 2 seed Virginia (6 p.f.)

No, 3 seed Villanova (6:30p.)

No., 4 seed Iowa State, No. 6 seed Maryland (6p.f.), No. 7 seed Notre Dece, No 8 seed Wisconsin (7p.)

Atlantic 10 vs., AAC: Georgia Tech (8p.c.), Cincinnati (7.a.)

Coastal Carolina (7a.n.), Virginia Tech (7,2 p.r.)

Atlantic Sun vs. Mountain West: Colorado (7) Mountain West vs. WAC: Arizona State (8) Mountain South vs. Sun Belt: Boise State (6.a) Sun Belt vs. West Coast: Louisiana Tech (5.a,) Southern California (5a.)