Starbucks to stop selling Oreo biscuits as of Feb. 2

Starbucks is cutting Oreo products from its shelves as of February 2, the company said in a statement.

The announcement comes after a year-long investigation by The New York Times.

Oreo is a chocolate bar with vanilla and chocolate chips that comes in a small, soft wrapper.

The cookies, which are also sold in packs of 20, cost $3.99 a pop and have a sweet and savory taste that can sometimes be confusing.

Starbucks, which has about 30 million customers, was among several companies that made headlines in the past year over their marketing tactics, including their advertising that featured children in “sadistic” situations.

It has been unclear if Oreo will be affected by the announcement, or if other brands will follow suit.

Starbucks is also adding a new line of baked goods to its existing products, including cinnamon rolls, coconut and peanut butter cookies, and maple bacon.