How to use the Optimum Nutrition Kit to eat more healthfully

By David Rimmerby | 15 November 2017 06:02:01The Optimum nutrition kit, developed by Optimum and Chilis, is a new supplement that aims to help people to eat healthier.

The kit includes a dietitian, nutritionist and a nutritionist trained to work with individuals with eating disorders.

It also includes a nutrition label that helps individuals understand their nutritional needs and help them make more informed choices.

The kit contains over 200 grams of plant-based protein, over 500 grams of fibre and over 200 milligrams of magnesium, and the dietitians will help individuals follow a strict vegetarian diet.

It is available from select retailers, including KFC, and in its pre-order stage, Optimum said the nutritional information is available online.

“Optimum Nutrition kit is designed to help you learn how to eat healthfully,” the company said in a statement.

“We have designed this kit to help customers eat healthily while also meeting their dietary requirements, without compromising their health.”

The kit has also been designed to provide a quick, simple and effective approach to eating well with no-fuss information.

“Dr Sarah Cawley, a nutrition and exercise nutritionist at the University of Stirling, said that the nutritional info would be helpful to those who are new to the diet.”

If you’re just starting out it might be helpful if you’ve never heard of the Optima nutrition, or just want to learn more about the different foods in the kit, so it’s helpful,” she said.”

For people with anorexia, people who are on a ketogenic diet, or for those who may be on a low-carbohydrate diet, it might also be helpful.

“The kit will also be sold in a capsule format that can be taken by a person with an eating disorder.

A company spokesperson said that it had been developed as a supplement that could help people eat well and make healthier choices.”

Optimum said that its nutrition label was designed to give a sense of the nutritional content of the food.””

It’s about making informed choices based on your own experience and needs.”

Optimum said that its nutrition label was designed to give a sense of the nutritional content of the food.

“This nutrition label is designed so you can understand what’s in each food you’re eating and make the most informed choices,” the nutritionist said.

“This includes a detailed list of what’s been added and what’s removed from each food, along with the type of fat and sugar content.”

Dr Cawly said that while there were no immediate plans for a nationwide rollout, there were some areas where people could start.

“One area that’s very good is in children and young people,” she added.

“People can get it on the school menu, and there are lots of things that are really useful for young people.”

Dr Rimmer, who has written extensively about dietitioan, said it was important for people to get more information about their health from a nutrition professional.

“A lot of nutrition information is often inaccurate or incomplete,” he said.