Which fruit can you eat without getting sick?

Here are some of the fruit you can eat without developing food poisoning:Canned tomatoes (Tomatoes and other canned vegetables): It is recommended to avoid canned tomatoes.

It is also recommended to use canned tomato puree instead.

It will contain more protein and vitamins.

Tomatoes (Canned and fresh): It’s also recommended that you avoid canned or fresh tomatoes, since it contains many pesticides and is not healthy for your body.

Fresh tomatoes contain less pesticides than canned tomatoes, but it is not 100% pure, so be careful.

Dried or canned apples: If you use dried or canned fruits, be sure to eat the whole fruit, not just the seeds.

For instance, if you eat dried cranberries, you might need to cut them into pieces.

Fruit with seeds or skins can also contain pesticides.

Dairy products: The best option is to not use dairy products that are high in pesticides.

Many of them contain hormones, such as artificial flavors and coloring.

You should also avoid products containing artificial colors, such a fruit juice or coloring.

You should also check the ingredients list before you buy a product.

Be sure to read all the ingredients labels and check if they are safe for you.

You can also eat the fruits or vegetables that you want to.

You can choose the ones that are most suitable for you based on your health needs.

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