How to tell if your baby has a peanut allergy

How to identify peanut allergy symptoms in babies from birth to 4 months of age.

1:10 This video from the ABC News website shows how a new ABC News investigation found that the infant’s parents may have used peanut butter in the formula and even used the formula for a long time.

The video, entitled “Is Your Baby at Risk for Peanut Allergy?” was created to raise awareness of peanut allergy.

It also provides a timeline of the story.

“There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered,” said Melissa Dickson, a nutritionist and an author who helped create the video.

“But the truth is that we are seeing a big shift in the way parents are taking their kids and giving them peanut butter and that is starting to change the way our parents interact with our babies.”

It also helps that the ABC has made some changes to the program to improve the way it is presented to parents.

“We were really proud of the fact that it was actually very, very clear that the parents were being very honest with us and they were talking to us directly,” said Dickson.

“They weren’t being manipulative and they weren’t trying to get us to feel like they’re being selfish.”

Dickson said she was also proud of how the story was presented to the public.

“This is a real thing that we’re seeing that parents are saying to their own children, we need to get involved in this because there is so much to learn and this is a really important topic,” she said.

“Parents are starting to feel more confident in their parenting.”

ABC News’ Stephanie Koester contributed to this report.