How to eat your own poop to get rid of acne

If you’re tired of getting your hands dirty and you’re looking for a quick, healthy fix, then you can thank a nutritionist for your fix.

The answer is to buy your own urine.

The beauty of buying your own is that it’s not that complicated.

There are plenty of online resources that are easy to find, but there’s a catch.

You need to be prepared to pay a premium for the right nutrients.

That’s why a company called Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) has come up with a unique solution to getting rid of the pimples.

The company sells urine that can be used in a number of products, including toilet paper, shaving cream, and toilet paper filters.

BPN says the urine is produced from urine that’s already in the body and is then filtered to remove any unwanted particles that may be lingering.

The urine also contains a special blend of enzymes that break down fats, which is helpful when you’re trying to cleanse your body of unwanted bacteria.

BPP also says that the product is completely free of synthetic chemicals and phthalates, which have been linked to acne.

“We do our best to do everything we can to eliminate the harmful contaminants that are being generated by these products,” CEO David Pomerantz said in a press release.

BPR also offers a urine wash out system that you can use to clean out your shower before it runs out of product.

The shower can also be used to rinse out a sink or bathroom sink, and the product also has a special, self-disinfecting gel that cleanses the surface of the urine before it dries.

“It’s been designed to work with our personal care products and toilet tissue products, which are very high in water and fat, and are the perfect way to get those rid of,” Pomeranz said.

For now, the company’s only offering the product in stores, but they are planning to expand the product line to include other products and have a product for men that is specifically formulated for men.

BPN has also launched a website where you can order the product, and they’re also working on a mobile app.