‘The most common cause of death’: Australia’s dairy industry

Australia’s milk industry is in a state of “disarray”, with the number of dairy farms failing to produce enough milk to feed its customers and its owners struggling to pay back debts, the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) has warned.

Key points:The council says the industry needs a $2.5 billion bailout to surviveA $2 billion loan from the federal government is needed for a major overhaulThe dairy industry has been hit by the financial crisis and is struggling to provide for its customers’ nutritional needsThe ADIC has warned of an “immediate need” for a $1 billion bailoutThe ADFIC, a consortium of more than 80 Australian dairy companies and farmers, said it was the “most common cause” of death among dairy workers, with up to 50,000 people dying in the industry each year.

The association’s chief executive, Stephen Latham, said that as much as 80% of the deaths of dairy workers were suicides, and that there was an “overwhelming” lack of funds to fix the industry.

“The ADI has called on the Government to immediately provide the ADIC with $2 million in a loan to enable the ADI to invest in the dairy industry to improve the long-term viability of the dairy sector,” Mr Latham said.

“We believe that the ADF is the most important economic and financial sector in Australia, and it’s essential that it gets its act together.”

If the ADB and the ADICS cannot do their jobs, the dairy farmers, who are already struggling to cope with the financial strain, will find it increasingly difficult to keep up with their financial obligations.

“There’s also the concern that the industry is suffering from a lack of accountability, and is not being properly managed.”

A loan would allow the ADFI to take a step towards that.

“Mr Latham warned that a lack.

The ADFA and the dairy lobby have been in talks about the potential loan, but he said the funding was not yet finalised.”

I’ve got to admit that we’re just scratching the surface,” Mr Sarnoff said.

The dairy lobby and the Australian Milk Marketing Association (AMMA) have called for a loan for the industry to be approved by the Senate.

Mr Sarnoffs fears the industry will not be able to provide sufficient milk to meet the needs of the Australian market.”

People are starving in Australia and the government needs to step in and help them,” he said.’

We’re in an emergency’Mr Sarnaof said the industry had been struggling with a shortage of milk since the financial crash, and he blamed the Government’s decision to cut back milk supply to consumers for the problem.”

That was a major factor in causing the crisis, and we’ve seen a number of other problems that have affected the dairy business, which is why we’re in this emergency,” he told the ABC.”

So we need the Government in this situation, because we’re not getting what we need.

“It’s very important that the Government, with a good understanding of what the dairy businesses needs are, steps in to help us.”

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