How to make the perfect pepito sauce for babies

PEPITO SOUP is a new product from the Pampers brand that combines the flavor of pepitas and baby carrots.

This new dish will be available to all parents starting March 6.

Pepitos are an ingredient that is used to make pepers, a traditional Mexican soup that is rich in the mineral pepes.

Baby carrots are also commonly used as a vegetable substitute, but they’re not normally used in this recipe.

Baby carrots are traditionally used in a variety of dishes like tortillas, enchiladas, soups, tortilla chips and rice dishes.

They’re also a staple in Mexican cuisine, especially in southern Mexico.

Pemex, the parent company of Pampres, said it has developed a new, healthier version of the pepitito sauce called the pemito verde.

It’s a simple sauce that combines fresh, fresh ingredients with the pomegranate flavor.

The dish will cost $5 and can be purchased in Pampes stores.