Chipotle has become a global food icon

The food giant is now one of the world’s most iconic brands, thanks to its “mushrooms, spinach, avocado and other seasonal vegetables” in the latest issue of The American Conservatives.

“The most important thing Chipotle does for people is to get their food to them,” said Greg Zuckerman, executive vice president of corporate communications for the company.

“When we have our produce on the menu, we make it available to the world, so it is an incredible example of a brand doing a great job of helping the world thrive.” 

The magazine also revealed the latest in the Chipotle “Chipotle Food Heroes” contest, in which the company has named some of its most popular and recognizable personalities to the top of its annual “Best of 2013” list. 

“I have a special appreciation for the amazing work that the Chipotles and other brands are doing to serve the community,” Chipotle CEO Steve Ells said in a statement.

“These companies and our customers are putting a lot of time and effort into their communities to make a difference and we want them to know that we are too.

I have great respect for their work and I look forward to seeing their impact over the coming years.” 

 The Chipotls “mash-up of ingredients and cultures” makes them “a uniquely American icon,” said Tom Vilsack, former secretary of the US Department of Agriculture.

“They are a leader in food security, nutrition, sustainability, and a host to an incredible array of talented people,” Vilsacz added. 

 “Chipotle is the global leader in organic and local food and has a long history of serving the community with exceptional customer service,” Chipotle president Greg McMillan said in the same statement. 

“Our team of culinary and culinary development experts are committed to serving our customers with great quality food,” Chipeta President and CEO Chris Skinner said in his own statement.

Chipotle’s signature product is the “Chipotles” and is available on a range of products, including burritos, burrito bowls, salads, tortillas, soups, wraps and more.

The company also produces a variety of snacks and drinks, including its signature “Spinach” margarita and “Pico de Gallo” coffee drink.