What you need to know about baked potatoes

It’s been a busy year for potato lovers in Italy and a few new potato varieties have been announced. 

A brand new variety of baked potato, called Cherry Tomato, has been released by the Italian supermarket chain, Bicicletti, along with a new variety, Cherry Tomato Super Crunch, which will be launched later this year.

The new potato is a sweet potato with a sweet, creamy and crunchy texture, and it is marketed as a super-cheap snack and a snack with a super value. 

It comes in a range of colours, sizes and flavours, and is sold in several supermarkets across Italy.

The brand’s launch is a big coup for the company as it is already well known for its premium baked potatoes, and they have become the staple of the pasta market.

In addition to the Cherry Tomato variety, the brand is also launching the Cherry Super Crunch (with a twist), which is available in a variety of flavours and sizes.

The Cherry Tomato super-crunch is made of potatoes cooked in a sweet tomato sauce, then topped with shredded cheese and served with sweet cream sauce, tomato paste and fresh basil. 

The product has been made available to consumers in Italy since January and will be available for sale from November 3, according to Biciclesini. 

Cherry Tomato Super-Crunch is available from November 2.

Source Football Italiane