Panda Express Nutrition Facts and Facts about Pistachio Enrichment

Pizza Enrichments for Panda Express are the best available, Panda Express offers a wide range of flavors and textures, and the Panda Express brand has been featured in many media outlets worldwide.

The Panda Express Panda Express Pizza Enthusiast Package provides:*Pizza Enthusia*Pistachios*Paprika*Red Chili peppers*Mango seeds*Sesame seeds*Black pepper*Garlic*Hot sauce*Sugar-free ice cream*Mint, coconut, and honey*Flavorful toppings*Vegetable oil*Nutritional information for Panda, Pizza, and Enthusioast is based on the nutrition facts listed in each package.

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Nutrition Facts for Pizza Enthuses:*Nutrition Facts for Panda Enthus iasts are based on nutrition facts for each package and are not exact.*Nutrient composition is based only on Panda Express® Pizza Enlarge package and may vary by product.*Total protein (total, not fat, saturated, trans) is calculated by weight of each ingredient.*Calories per serving are based off the approximate calories in a serving, not the total amount of calories.**Per serving contains:*One serving contains 2.25 grams of protein (0.6% fat) and 4.75 grams of carbohydrates.**Calories from fat: Fat is defined as “energy from food that is derived from fats, oils, or other fatty substances” or “energy that is stored in a substance that does not come from a food source.”

The calories in this category are calculated based on average caloric values from the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Guide Pyramid database.