How to eat a smoothie in a fast food restaurant

What do you do if you want a burger but you’re not eating the full meal?

You have to order it from a restaurant.

That’s what the Outback Nutrition smoothie king is offering in the fast food chain’s newest menu item.

The $6.99 smoothie has no salt and no sugar, according to Outback, which says it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in humans.

But it has a sweetener added to keep things interesting: a small amount of honey.

The Outback has launched the Smoothie King to address the growing demand for more healthy meals in restaurants.

The company says the product has been a hit.

“This is the latest in a series of innovative offerings from Outback and the innovative approach of their Nutrition and Wellness team in designing a nutritious and nutritious meal option that is uniquely Outback,” the company says on its website.

It’s also a bit of a change of pace from the fast-food giants’ standard smoothie.

The popular “McDonald’s” smoothie contains only water, milk and a tablespoon of honey, while the new product comes with no sugar.

The new product has not yet been tested in humans, and Outback says it’s working with doctors to develop a product for people with pre-existing health conditions.

The smoothie can be ordered online at

Outback’s new meal option is available for $7.99 and includes fries and fruit.