How to cook a delicious, healthy, crunchy baked potato

By Emily BreenPosted September 26, 2018 05:30PMUpdated September 27, 2018 04:30AMI’m excited to announce that my friends at The Kitchen have made a new version of their beloved Baked Potato recipe, with all new nutrition information, photos, and delicious crunchy, cheesy goodness!

You may have noticed that I’ve been missing a few recipes from the original Baked potato cookbook, so I thought I’d make a little update to get everyone back into the kitchen for the second year in a row!

The original recipe in the original book, Baked Peas and Baked Rice, is still a hit with me, as are some of my other favorites, including Baked Pork Belly and Biscuits and Pasta.

The original recipe from this book was originally available as a print-only edition and has been discontinued.

You can now purchase this print edition of the cookbook on Amazon for $19.99, or you can buy it on Amazon Prime for $24.99.

I’m also happy to announce this new edition of Baked Potatoes is now available to purchase through the Amazon app, as well.

I’ve also updated the recipes in the cookbooks, so they all now include nutrition information and nutrition info with photos!

I’ve also included a photo of my wife and I at the store recently, which you can see below!

You can also find the recipe in its entirety on the Cookbooks page.

I hope you’ll enjoy this new recipe!


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