The latest on the investigation into the deadly Texas fertilizer plant explosion

Texas fertilizer plants are under investigation for not having proper ventilation systems, and they should have known better, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.The ruling came after an independent panel charged with overseeing safety at the plants said they failed to take adequate measures to protect workers and the environment.The plants were shut down on Sept. […] →Read more

How to eat a whole chicken without being overweight

A whole chicken meal consists of all of the chicken meat, skin, thighs, breasts, and legs.But not all of it.Some of it goes into a broth and the rest is used as a condiment.In addition to the chicken, the broth contains spices, sauces, herbs, vegetables, and other ingredients that are added to the dish to […] →Read more

McDonald’s Nutrition: McDonald’s to ‘reinvent’ nutrition by changing menu

McDonald’s is moving toward a new concept of nutrition, in which it will use fresh produce to make its sandwiches, and the use of ingredients such as meat and milk to make their drinks.The fast-food chain announced on Tuesday that it will start using fresh produce in its hamburgers, and that its dairy products will […] →Read more

What to eat for your perfect avocado diet

Asparagus is an extremely healthy plant and is very high in nutrients.However, when you are looking for a healthy way to make a smoothie or smoothie topping, there is a great selection of different fruit and veg options.This is because the quality and texture of the ingredients can vary depending on the brand, but they […] →Read more

Pumpkin seeds and other nutritional supplements may not be safe for pregnant women

USA Today article APRIL 4, 2018 8:17:17Pumpkin seed and other nutritionally valuable supplements may be unsafe for pregnant and nursing women, according to a study.Researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder reviewed all the available studies on the safety of pumpkin seeds and related foods, including nutrition and nutritional supplements.Their conclusion?There is no scientific evidence that […] →Read more

How to Eat and Drink Better to Lose Weight

When you think of fruits and vegetables, they seem to be a healthier option than meat, dairy, or eggs.But do you know which fruits and veggies are the best for weight loss?The best foods for weight management are not the ones that you normally eat, but the ones you can’t find at the supermarket.And if […] →Read more

How to avoid being overweight: Eat the right foods

A new report finds eating the right amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat is crucial to reducing body weight.1UP Nutrition, which advises companies on nutrition and health, found that people should aim to consume 10% of their daily calories from protein, 6% from carbohydrates and 3% from fats.The recommended amount is 1.5 to 1.75 grams […] →Read more

How to Make Lemonade with Bell Pepper Nutrition Facts

I’ve made a few lemonade recipes in the past.I’ve been using lemonade in recipes, but I never have a big batch of lemonade.I made some for a friend and she said, “I’ll make a batch!”I started making it with bell pepper in the spring and the season has been really good.I’ll always make lemonade with […] →Read more

How to get your protein fix with ancient fruit and vegetable nutrition

The Basics of Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition, an eBook, is an excellent resource for anyone looking to boost their nutrition without resorting to expensive supplements or fancy juicing.You can also learn how to prepare, package and store the food you eat, as well as learn how you can find the right kind of fruit for […] →Read more

How to make Blueberry Protein Bars (4:20 AM – 4:50 AM)

title How To Make Blueberry Fruit Protein Bars: How to Make Bars With Just 1 1/2 Cups of Fruit Protein (5:00 AM – 6:00 PM) article text title How Does Blueberry Nutrition Facts Compare to Whole Foods’ Blueberry Bars?(6:30 AM – 7:00 Am) article →Read more